July 2013 archive

Making a bun for the oven!

Catching Up Pt 3/4

The momentous occasion is upon us. After months of worrying, planning, discomfort, tension from well-meaning people and constant debates… We are ready to move into our house. It’s a Friday night. I’ve been prepared for this for months. We are packing our generous friend’s truck full of all the unnecessary stuff we’ve been using at […] Read more…


Catching Up Pt 2/4

Seeing as we were the dumb assholes who fell for our contractor’s lies, we gave up our apartment too soon. So we started planning on moving in with my parents. Now, I love my parents but I think everyone can understand my anxiety when faced with the prospect of moving home for longer than day. […] Read more…


Catching Up Pt 1/4

To my faithful reader(s), I am terribly sorry for the unexplained absence. You see, I was abducted by aliens and have only just returned… Obviously, I’m lying. I was just lazy. Actually, I got so busy and stressed out that I didn’t have the time and energy to have one more thing on my plate. […] Read more…