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Breastfeeding- This is what I was told

Adventures in Breastfeeding

  The first night did not go well. I tried nursing and Baby Girl suckled a bit with the nipple shield I was told I had to use but nothing seemed to come out. Baby Girl started to cry. She did not stop. I was terrified.  Was I starving my kid? What did I do? […] Read more…

Baby Girl was cuter than this

Bringing Home Baby

  At 7:00 A.M. I woke up and had to pee. I was still hooked up to the IV and it was a crammed behind my bed. I tried to free myself but I was stuck. I called the nurse. She helped free me but then I realized that if I had to go to […] Read more…


The New Roommate

Instant relief. That’s what it feels like to give birth. The “before” sucks, the “during” sucks but the “after” is like breathing for the first time, again. I felt like a deflated balloon. In a good way. It was 1:03 A.M. I had just given birth. I had just grunted, cried and sweat through 21 […] Read more…