April 2014 archive

Terrible Two's at 18 months

The Terrible Two’s vs the Nice Restaurant

Baby Girl is now a year and a half. The last 6-9 months have been pretty awesome. Apart from her being a total sicko for half of it when she went into daycare and I went back to work, this was the glory time. She was still a baby but was waddling her way into […] Read more…


The Good, the bad and the chubby.

OK. I promised before stats and before stats there will be. I must preface that I am terrified to announce this publicly. Like Fiancee doesn’t even know my numbers. Ugh. I am dreading this. But I know this will help keep me accountable so there you have it. It’s for the greater good. Here we […] Read more…

So he put a ring on it

Shedding for the Wedding

Big news friends! Boyfriend has promoted himself to Fiancee, lucky son of a gun! After 6.5 years and a bebe making it three, he has finally decided that I am the lady for him and that he is now, finally, ready to commit. We’re getting hitched! No faithful reader(s), I don’t still have my Christmas […] Read more…