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For the Love of Lemon Water | The Accidental Mama

For the Love of Lemon Water

Holy moly have I been sick this past week! As soon as the holidays ended, the dreaded holiday hangover cold made it’s way in and took over my life. Seriously. I could barely make it off the couch. Poor Husband was a single parent this week while I curled up in the fetal position in […] Read more…

New Year, New Look, New Resolutions | The Accidental Mama

New Year, New Look, New Resolutions!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great holiday season and partied your little hearts out for the New Year! 2014 was definitely a mixed bag for us. Husband and I planned our wedding and got married but we also lost my grandmother and aunt and dealt with Baby Girl getting sick from […] Read more…

Breakfast Revolution: Healthy Pancakes | The Accidental Mama


  I know, right? Healthy pancakes? Impossible! Or worse… Complicated. WRONG! These pancakes are even more simple than regular pancakes. And they can be changed a million different ways. And the best thing about it? Only 2 ingredients. BOOM! Drop the mic. OK, let’s get started. **Note: I added some chia seeds on the advice of […] Read more…

It's All About Balance :: The Accidental Mama

It’s All About Balance- Fitness Update

It’s All About Balance So when I last talked to you about fitness, I was just starting PiYo. Let me tell you, I actually really like the workouts. Like really really. It’s an amazing stretch for my body but I was shocked at how much I could feel the effects the next day. I think I went […] Read more…

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